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How to insert the JavaScript slider into WordPress?

"My JS image slider is made by Hislider, how can I insert the slider code into the wordpress blog?"


Answer :

You can publish the slider as a WordPress plugin and display it on your WordPress pages or posts. The below steps will show you how to do this:

Step 1: Output the WordPress jQuery Image Slider plugin

Click the "Publish" button at the top menu bar to enter into the output interface, choose Publish as "WordPress plug-in", define output folder and file name, click "Publish", then you will get a ZIP file;

Publish WordPress plugin  Slider


Step 2: Install the Image Slider Plugin in WordPress

Log in your WordPress, click Plugins>>Add New in the menu, and then upload the output ZIP file, click the button "Install Now";

add wordpress plugin


Step 3: Activate the Plugin

After the installation, you need to go to the Plugins page to activate this new WordPress plugin; then the option Hi Slider will appear in the menu;

activate wordpress plugin


Step 4: Copy & Paste the Shortcode to Your Page or Post

After activating the plugin, click Hi Slider and you will see the plugin in the slider list; and then you can copy the shortcode and add it to your page or post. You can preview the slider in your WordPress.

embed slider plugin to wordpress
display wordpress plugin slider


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