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Can I insert YouTube/Vimeo video to my wordpress carousel slider?

"I have downloaded Hi Slider for two weeks, it is really a awesome image slider maker, but I want to make a video slider gallery for my wordpress blog now, can I creat video slider use Hi Slider and install on Wordpress?"


Answer :

Yes, you can. Hi Slider will allow you to embed both YouTube and Vimeo videos into the slider.

(1) Start the program and create a new project. In the "Add Slides" window, click the YouTube or Vimeo button;

Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the slider


(2) In the pop up window, input the YouTube/Vimeo URL, and you can also choose an image for this video slide;

input video URL


(3) Click "OK" to enter into the template setting interface.

In addition, you can add YouTube/Vimeo video in the template setting panel.


(4) Click "Refresh" to save your settings and publish the slider.

save settings


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