Classic template is an amazing jQquery image slider template which supports caption pinching on mobile devices. In addition, there are different pre-designed skins for you to apply for the JavaScript image slider.


Configurable Thumbnails

With the thumbnails at the bottom, this Classic template allows you to customize the thumbnails with multiple settings: height, opacity, border, interval and page buttons.


Retractable Caption

This template allows you to add long text as caption for the HTML5 image slider. By default, it will display two lines, one for Title, the other for Description. And if you want to show the entire caption, you can click the "Show" button.


Touch Swipe and Pinch on Mobile

Just like other templates, Classic Template allows you to Touch Swipe to view the jQuery image slider on mobile devices such as iPad and Android. Besides, if you choose Classic Template, you can even Pinch to spread or draw back the caption.

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