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How to Add a Banner Slideshow to Joomla Frontpage with Hi Slider?

"I want to add a banner slider to my joomla website, how to install the joomla banner slider online?"



Answer :

Hi Slider is a really good software to create jQuery image slider. It enables users to publish image slider as Joomla module and insert it to Joomla.

Step 1:Launch Hi Slider

Launch Hi Slider from your computer and start to import images or YouTube video.

Publish Joomla module Slider


Step 2: Publish as Joomla Module

Click the icon of “Publish” to publish image slider as “Joomla mudule”, define the path, file name, slider ID and select the Joomla version. There are two options available.

Publish Joomla module  Slider


Step 3:Install Joomla mudule

Sign in your own Joomla website, click the option of “Extensions” and choose “Extension Manager”, then upload and install the Joomla mudule you create.

install joomla slider


Step 4: Configure Joomla Slider

The following step is to configure Joomla slider. Select the slider module that you installed in the previous step and configure the Joomla image slider with various options.

configure joomla slider


Step 5:Insert to Joomla

Click content>>Article Manager>>Add New Article, and then copy the position code and paste in your article.

display joomla module slider

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