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Looking for awesome free joomla slider maker? Maybe Hi Slider will meet your need. Hi Slider is free Joomla image slider maker for you to make jQuery slideshow gallery, JavaScript image slideshow for your joomla site without coding. It is powerful functions, easy operation and high compatibility. All of the Image slider created by Hi Slider can work well in any device, such as PC/Mac/ Mobile/Tablet. And available for running on all major Browers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE7+.

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ditectory The Highlights of Hi Slider

  • jQuery Slidershow Creator, JavaScript image slide for Joomla;
  • Create Slider with Image, YouTube video and Vimeo video;
  • Compatibility with all device (PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet) and frequently used Browers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7+);
  • Different layout of templates and series of skins. Design your own skin with Custom setting;
  • Flexible Transition effects: 3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Block, Rotate, Shuffle, Slice etc;
  • Responsive - automatically resize your slider when adjust the size of Brower;
  • GUI Version - simple to create slider by clicking three buttons: Add "New", Select "Template" and "Publish";
  • Free Joomla Slider Maker - free download and free use;

ditectory What it can do for you?

Now people prefer to embed fashion slider into their website. It has been become the popular way to design website. Hi slider, also Free Joomla Image Slider Maker is designed for people to create slider with images or video. Except for website, you can also use this program to publish slider as plugin/module for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

ditectory How to use

Read the words below and learn how to create slider with our free Joomla image slider maker:

Step1. Download Free Joomla Image Slider Maker and then install it to your machine;

Step2. Launch it and click "Create New" button to open a new project;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step3. Set slider size in the New project panel, add material for slider such as images, YouTube video, Vimeo video, after added, select transition effect (3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Block, Rotate, Shuffle, Slice) and action for each slider;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step4. Click "OK" to design the layout, style of slider. Details steps to design slider:

. Choose one of the templates from template resource list;

. Choose one of the skins from Skin resource list;

. Use custom settings to decorate the thumbnail, caption, progressbar of slider;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step5. When all settings finished, click "Refresh" to show the effect;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step6. Click "Preview" icon to brower your slider before publishing;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step7. Press on "Publish" button->select "Joomla module" in the left side, then choose your saved path and define Joomla module name. After that, click "Publish" to make slider for Joomla;

Free Joomla Image Slider Maker

Step8. Once published successfully, you can get a zip file of slider from your machine.

Step9. About how to embed slider into Joomla, please read our JQuery Slider Tutorial

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