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How to get the jQuery photo slider for ios work on the iphone and iPad?

"I am a IOS web developer, can the jquery photo sliders generated by hislider run well on iphone and iPad? "


Answer :

Hi Slider is one of the best free responsive slideshows so far. It comes with colorful templates, skins and vivid image transition effects. It is a cool jQuery slider creator for e-commerce website to display their specific goods. Hi Slider is a classic image slider with thumbnails below the slider.

What’s more, users also can get the jQuery slider to work on the iPhone or iPad. It provides readers with an easier way to access users’ sliders. Some people may want to know whether it is complicated in order to make it work on the iPhone or iPad. The answer is No, it is so simple for you to operate it.

View on iPhone

User just needs to publish image slider to HTML format and then user can view it on the mobile device via web browser. With responsive HTML technology, it can resize automatically to match readers’ screens. It also enables readers to touch and swipe the image slide.

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