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How to change transition and effects for my jQuery banner slider?

"How can I choose the transition effects at my slider jQuery banner slider project?"



Answer :

Hi Slider provides multiple transitions and effects for users to create uniquely fancy jQuery slider, which means your output HTML5 photo slideshow will never slide in the same way. Below I will show you how to create jQuery image gallery with various fancy transitions and effects:

(1) Start Hi Slider and create a new project, add images to the jQuery slider;


(2) Select an image, and at the right side, click the "Transition Effect" tab", and you will see the Effect option;



(3) Click the button "Random" and the "Effect options" window will pop up, select a transition effect or just choose Random for the select image;

jQuery slider transition effect options


P.S: You can preview the transition effect (except 3DHorizontal and 3DVertical which are not supported in the application, but can only display in browsers) immediately in the Preview window.


(4) If you choose one specific transition, then you need to set duration, direction, easing or number for the transition;

jQuery slider transition effect settings

P.S: Once you set the transition for one selected image, you can apply the transition settings to all the other images by clicking the "Apply to All" button.


(5) After you finish the settings, click "OK" to enter into the Design interface, customize the slider with template, skin and other settings, and click "Refresh" to save the settings;

customize the jQuery slider


(6) Click the "Publish" button and choose a format to publish the JavaScript image slider.

publish the jQuery image slider

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