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Can I insert multiple jQuery image rotator sliders into a single page?

"I want to display several image rotator slider at my blog page , can I inert multi sliders into a single page"


Answer :

Yes, Hi Slider offers the "Add prefix URL" feature which can help you embed 2 or more image slider into a same webpage (e.g., examples.html), but you need to specify the path and the slider ID.

You should output the sliders to the folder at the same path of the webpage (examples.html), for example: E:\\showcase.

Note: The output folder "showcase" and the webpage "example.html" must be in the same path.

(1) After you finish customizing the slider (e.g., slider1), click the "Refresh" button to save settings and then click the "Publish" button to enter into the output interface;

Publish HTML jQuery image gallery


(2) In the next screen, choose "Basic version (HTML), define the output path - E:\\showcase\slider1;

(3) Then you need to input the prefix URL – showcase/slider1;

Note: You should pay attention to the "Slash", use "/" instead of "\"

(4) And remember to define the Slider ID (1), you need specific slider ID to differentiate from other sliders on the same page;

add multiple sliders on one webpage


(5) Click the "Publish" button to output the slider;


(6) Then publish slider2, slider3 following the above steps, and the output details should be as follows:

  Save to folder: E:\\showcase\slider1      prefix URL: showcase/slider1     Slider ID: 1

  Save to folder: E:\\showcase\slider2     prefix URL: showcase/slider2     Slider ID: 2

  Save to folder: E:\\showcase\slider3     prefix URL: showcase/slider3     Slider ID: 3


(7) Now copy and paste the genetated HTML code to the head section of your webpage (examples.html), between < head > and < /head >;

insert more one sliders one page


(8) Copy and paste the generate HTML code into the webpage where you want to display the slider;

Note: Please do copy and paste the full generated code after you publish each slider.

insert more one sliders one page


(9) At last, upload all the output folders and files (including examples.html) to the correct path on your server.

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