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How to make the different pictures in joomla slider link to different urls?

"I am a webmaster of joomla site, Hi Slider is a amazing tool to set up joomla content slider in an easy way, can I add different url to the pictures at the slider?"



Answer :

In Hi Slider, you can put URL in any of the slider to call up different pages which will make the jQuery Slider to be fuller of contents.


Drag and drop Images in the importation box, also you can import YouTube or Vimeo to the jQuery slider.



Find Action Info panel in lower box of Hi Slider:

a: Choose Open URL as the type;

b: Write in the URL address;

c: Choose blank, self or top to decide the way of opening a new page in a slider page;

d: Click "Refresh" to save settings. (You can link your pages to any slider by Hi Slider software).

Set URL address for each page of jQuery Slider



Refresh and Publish the jQuery Slider as your demand.

Click sliders with an URL address in Hi Sider

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