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How to creating a Mobile Touch Html5 Image Slide Gallery with Hi Slider?

"I am going to create mobile html5 image slide gallery use Hi Slider, how should I do?"



Answer :

We often make jQuery slider for presentation of products or for decorating websites, while if the mobile touch cannot be realized, there would be a trouble for viewers with mobile devices. However, the Hi Slider has fully considered this, so users can easily enable the mobile touch feature in software when producing a jQuery Slider.

Open the Basic Setting List under Custom Panel:

  1. The most important thing to open such feature is enabling the Touch Swipe
  2. Click Refresh button on frame to save setting;
  3. Output your Slider in any of the basic version, WordPress Plug-in, Joomla module or Drupal Module; (You Can Try such Abundant Publish Formats.)
  4. Upload your jQuery Slider or copy the jQuery Slider files to mobile devices, open to experience the fabulous touch swipe reading.


Enable Touch Swipe for jQuery Sliders in Hi Slider


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